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Reporter's Guide to Multimedia Proficiency

Okay, I admit I haven’t read this as a whole, but I read all of the pieces as Mindy McAdams, Flash Goddess, posted them over the last year or so. She’s now compiled a 42 page PDF of her advice on stepping up your online journalism game. Given the thoroughness and inventiveness of her past work, this is a Must Read.

And it’s FREE. Yes, all that knowledge, FOR FREE. Because she cares about journalism, that’s why.

CoPress on the Web Centric Newsroom

A while ago I posted a link to a CoPress piece on innovation in the newsroom. Which was very fancy, but sort of light on specifics. Turns out, that was just the start – their second piece is now up and it talks about thinks to do and change in your newsroom.

The Web-centric newsroom from CoPress on Vimeo.

Building Your Web Site

Over on the Photopreneur site is a post on “How to Catch a Photo Editor’s Eye.” While not aimed at the journalism realm, there is a lot of good info in there – particularly on letting the images shine, not the web site. 

Personally, I think Flash is a fantastic tool for interactive design. But it can also be slow to load and often the designers using it try to wrestle too much control away from the site’s viewers. Don’t do that. Let your pictures carry the page.

SEO for Photographers

“SEO” is “search engine optimization,” and it’s a little black art we all need to learn. It’s what helps your web site get found on the net. It’s not enough just to build a beautiful site, you have to keyword it and structure it so potential clients can find you. Levi Wardell over at Black Star Rising has a good overview on SEO for photographers, worth spending some time on.

NYTimes.com on Election Night

Here it is – how the NYTimes.com home page evolved throughout election day.

Very cool.

The Power of True Multimedia

This … this … this is what multimedia can do so well

The New York Times, the Gray Lady, has put together a nearly 14-minute long tour-de-force looking at the presidential campaign. It is a stunning combination of photos, videos, audio, graphics and narrations. 
It is a complete package. 
How complete? Pay attention to the “Related Links” box below the main screen It changes throughout, offering up links to other stories the Times has done. But look closely – you can click right now and away from the may piece, or you can save them for later and watch them AFTER you’re done with the main piece
And that is brilliant conceptual storytelling, the melding of the push and pull formats in journalism. 

Visualization Lab

The New York Times has a new subsection that lets you look at news stories visually. I could lose days on this … 

Underage Chinese Gymnasts in Do or Die Matchup with Women's Gymnastics star Nastia Liukin over SEO Tips for the Masses

Just learned about this … Google has a page that lists the current top search terms. If you’re writing news headlines, might be worth getting some of these in to raise your page ranking.

(As of this writing, that headline has three of the top 10 terms in it.)

Guest Speaker Jim Stovall – Thursday, Jan. 24, 11 a.m.

Professor Jim Stovall will describe the Tennessee Journalist, the student news web site he created at the University of Tennessee. Prof. Stovall was the brainchild behind Dateline Alabama and runs JProf.com, as well. He’ll be here to talk with us about student news web sites and is a jack-of-all-codes, so to speak, and can help us think about what we’re doing in the Multimedia Journalism class.

This will be open to all students so invite friends from other areas. Please drop me a note if you’re coming.

In the Photojournalism Lab, Room 130, Grady, from 11 a.m. to 12 noon.

Geek Alert – Eye-Fi

So you think downloading your cards takes too much time? Wish you could “live post” images to the web as you shoot them? Without having to spend hundreds of dollars on wireless bits from Canon or Nikon?

Check out the EyeFi – a SD card that acts as a wireless transmitter, moving images from your camera to computer to the web.

(Super Geeky Continuity Alert – If you watch the video, about half of the photos have been flopped. Grrrr …)