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Shooting a Magazine Cover

Okay, it’s a bit geeky … but this video by Peter Belanger of how a MacWorld magazine cover gets shot, edited and designed is kind of cool. And you thought the stop, pan, blur assignment took a lot of time …

Flash Duration

File under Geek Alert … some of what you need to know about flash duration and sports photography, courtesy of Shawn Cullen over at SportsShooter.com.

Light(ing) Snacks

There are time I miss shooting more than I can tell you, and it’s usually not the big stuff that I miss. Yeah, the championship games and neat places we get to go to are all cool, but it’s the simple stuff I miss.

Sadly, I never worked for a newspaper that had a real studio. Which is okay, because I probably didn’t really get my studio chops in order until I went back to grad school. But over on Strobist, there’s an entry on shooting snack foods and … well … it looks like it was fun.