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On Interviewing

Greg Scoblete has a great piece up on Photo District News about interviewing for video and audio, well worth a read. Will be sharing this with all my students this fall.

(Thanks to Curt Chandler for the link.)

NPR Creates Team to Build News Apps

Steve Myers at the Poynter Institute on NPR putting a big bet on news applications, hiring a team of seven to build them.

Man, I wish I knew how to code …

Transom Story Workshop Opens Application Period

If I had eight weeks, I would totally do this … the Transom Story Workshop is a two month long radio storytelling workshop in Woods Hole, Mass. I met Rob Rosenthal, the lead teacher for this, at the NPPA’s Northern Short Course and would love to spend more time learning from him – he’s one of those guys who understands storytelling well enough to teach others to understand it, too. Not everyone can do that.

From the FAQ:

Why should I consider the Transom Story Workshop?

Seven reasons, just for starters:

1. Lots and lots of individual attention from Rob (the instructor), a teaching assistant, and the Transom staff.
2. A small class size of nine – no more.
3. You’ll develop some serious audio storytelling chops in just eight weeks.
4. Fascinating guests will visit during the session.
5. We have a direct connection to WCAI, the award-winning Cape and Islands public radio station where your work may be broadcast.
6. You’ll leave the Workshop with a portfolio of pieces.
7. Cape Cod.

Application deadline is June 1, the workshop runs from October 1 through November 30.

Great Audio Piece from NPR

NPR’s Zoe Chace has a story this morning on the protesters who are taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s an inside look at how they communicate, how they make decisions – and it flows so nicely, really seamless editing on this piece. Worth a listen.

The Sky Cowboys

Great piece by Damon Winter for the New York Times on ironworkers changing the skyline of New York.

Beautifully shot, but pay close attention to the audio work – he layering of sounds, the pacing of the voices, the tight, tight editing … all done by one of my former classmates, Pamela Chen. You could close your ideas and still see this story.

(Thanks to Mike Roy for the story lede.)

The Challenge of Mixing Audio and Photography

Olivier Laurent has a great piece up on the British Journal of Photography about the art and craft of using audio with photography, one of the best intellectual looks at it I’ve seen.

Over at the Gear Geek …

This week over at the NPPA’s Gear Geek blog I’m talking about the Levelator – a great chunk of free software to help you even out your audio.

Reporting on the Radio with an iPhone – Only

110404 mediashift logoOver on Mediashift, Neal Augenstein has a write-up of his year working with just an iPhone. He’s a reporter for WTOP in Washington, D.C., and has been recording all of his audio on it, as well as editing it, for broadcast.

He’s listed the software and workflows for how he handles photos, video and live broadcasts, too – good info to tuck away.

His final assessment after a year? He’s at 92% of the quality he was with the full size gear he used to haul around. No word on whether his listeners have noticed.

Audio Editor Option

Mindy McAdams, the Flash Goddess, had a tweet up about this Transom review of the Hindenburg audio editor. May be worth looking at as an alternative to Audacity, our standard tool here.

Anyone played with it? Thoughts? Comments? Someone going to try it?

On Backpack Journalism (podcast)

Continuing with the conversations we had during our March photojournalism workshop, this one on “backpack journalism,” also known as “mojos” for mobile journalists. Most refer to it as “one man bands.” We hear from Walt Stricklin, Director of Photography at the Birmingham News, Jon Samuels, staff photojournlaist at WXIA in Atlanta, John Curry, Visuals Director at the Augusta Chronicle, Minla Shields, the former Senior Editor for Planning at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and joining in later, Dave Labelle, author and former photojournalism professor.