Anderson Cooper interviewed the artist known as JR for 60 Minutes and it’s worth 14 minutes of your time. It’s not journalism, it’s art, but it’s interesting how he thinks about his transition from being a graffiti artist to doing these photo installations.

If you have a few more minutes, after the regular segment airs there’s an Overtime segment with a few surprises in it.

(Thanks to Janie Bohlmann for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. This is an interesting piece. Thanks so much for sharing.

    His work reminds me of Alfredo Jaar…The message comes from a journalistic place but the form is surprising. How can we tell journalistic stories within an art and art photography context? The theorist Alfredo Crammerotti says, “Art is not about delivering information; it is about questioning that information. What the artist can do better [than the journalist] is to construct a self-reflective medium, which ‘coaches’ its viewers to ask relevant questions by themselves, instead of accepting representations that are proposed [by journalists].”

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