More on Morris-Secret Service Incident

I’m putting this under the Thoughts & Theory category because it deals with my thoughts.

I want you to read this headline:

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Given that you probably know that Time contract photographer Christopher Morris was thrown to the ground by a U.S. Secret Service agent at a Donald Trump rally, that headline tells you what? What does it make you think about the sequence of events?

It’s pretty clear that Morris grabs the agent, then the agent grabs him in a choke hold and throws him to the ground.

Except, that’s not the way it happened – Time has a new video that shows Morris had his arms at his side and had not touched the agent before he was slammed into the ground.

Did Morris make contact with the agent? Yes – after her had been thrown to the ground. Should he have done that? Absolutely not.

And here’s my rant – the bias shown in that headline above is staggering. It’s indicative of the way information is twisted around to benefit individuals, to try and shape the understanding of a story. It’s not about the story, it’s about controlling the way it is both presented and consumed. Anyone who reads that headline will believe that Morris assaulted the agent, then was taken down.

Watch the videos – that is not at all what happened.

That headline is a lie – a flat out lie. It’s dishonest and deceptive and the audience it is intended for will never understand that they are being mislead.

I’m not linking to the site, I don’t want any association with it. You can search for that headline and you’ll find it if you want.

This era of deception and greed is beyond anything I have ever witnessed or studies. The willingness of my fellow citizens to not think, to react emotionally to intellectual issues, is frightening.

I do not know where to go from here.

Mark E. Johnson

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