The Pursuit of Technique

Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer put up a post on photographic techniques and it’s worth pondering for a while.

He started a list of things to know, it barely scratched the surface as he admits:

Allow me to name just a very few of the many things you might think you need to know: exposure; focus accuracy and depth-of-field; camera handling; camera performance (everything from data throughput to focus tracking, from EVF refresh rate to weather resistance); what a hair light is and what a gobo is; color space; printer profiles; how to predict the phase and direction of the moon…in case you want to do evening or dawn landscapes including the natural moon within a limited time window; and how focal length relates to angle of view.

To me, that would cover less than 1% of what one needs to know – and there’s a lot in there.

Mark E. Johnson

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