The Critical Instrument of the Curious

Many years ago Larry Fink was profiled in American Photo. I’d never seen his work, never heard of him – he wasn’t one of the luminaries that were discussed in photojournalism classes at the time. His style was pretty raw, yet there was a level of sophistication in the content that was beyond me – I knew it was brilliant, but I couldn’t articulate why.

I’m still not sure I can, but I love his work even more now. Oliver Laurent has an interview with him over at Time’s Lightbox that’s worth a few minutes of your time.

We’re all human, even the guy with the jet. We’re all infinitely vulnerable. With that thing in mind, we have to look at people with some degree of patience and kindness, and also with curiosity. Because every time you meet somebody, more than likely, you’ll learn something.

On my short list that I’d love to pepper with questions over coffee some day, for sure.

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