World Press Photo Controversy Continues

As if there hadn’t been enough of an issue with this year’s World Press Photo competition with the disqualification of 20% of the finalists, then the questions of staging of an image and the bungled defense of upholding the award, now there are questions about whether one of Giovanni Troilo’s images was shot in the city he claims to have documented.

It’s time, World Press Photo, to say enough. It’s time for the jurors to say they were deceived by this photographer. It’s time for the jurors to speak publicly. It’s time for all competitions to rewrite their rules.

If none of these charges against Troilo hold up over time, then so be it. But it’s time for him to step up, admit there are too many questions of credibility over these images and refuse the award.

The credibility of our field is in constant question, letting this issue fester is only worsening the situation.

It’s time to end it for the betterment of photojournalism.

Mark E. Johnson

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