Whatever Light is Available

I’ve been testing a Fuji X100T for a few weeks that a colleague bought. I’m this close to selling off a bunch of stuff and buying one for myself, but then I come to my senses … then I read how Zack Arias is using his and an LED flashlight and making cool portraits andarghh.

Simplifying is so attractive, isn’t it? Why can’t I just do it?


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  1. JD,

    Man, I’ve been going back and forth for almost a year about getting one of the newer Fuji models …

  2. I’ve own an x100s since it came out. Dave Hobby more than convinced me. It’s a great walk around camera, and I wish that I used it more. Shooting more film nowadays…

  3. Mark E. Johnson,

    I did it … sold off the micro 4/3 kit, mine came in last Thursday. Very happy.

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