Why Pictures Matter, Why Photojournalists Matter

This. This is the reason you have to support the National Press Photographers Association by becoming a member.

It’s supporting research like this from Sara Quinn that is giving us the research to prove we need to be there, that the audience both cares about and can discern professionally crafted news image.

It’s supporting research like this that we can use to not just stave off what many believe to be inevitable, but to gather the resources to better our publications and our communities.

It’s supporting research like this that brings science into an unscientific realm, that proves what we do is not art.

Send the link to this to everyone up the food chain from you. Share it with every single one of your colleagues. Refresh constantly next week, waiting for part two. Then again in two weeks, and again in three.

You want to save visual storytelling? The NPPA is giving you the tools to do it. Quinn’s research needs to be seen by everyone dealing with photojournalism. Everyone.

Mark E. Johnson

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