Updating Sideline Policies – Monopods Are Allowed, Stop the Hysteria

Oklahoma University has updated their sideline police following an incident on Saturday where a player was injured after leaving the field and landing on a $10,499 lens.

There are many posts in other forums complaining about the banning of monopods used to support long lenses – THERE IS NO SUCH BAN. Read the statement from Oklahoma University:

No tripods are permitted on the field at any time. This includes monopods that are utilized to sit on during games. Monopods attached to cameras are permissible.

Could the policy be better? Yes – every college and pro football team I’ve ever covered has allowed far too many people on the sidelines. This section I take issue with:

With all sports hosting prospective student-athletes at football games, please be aware that the home sideline and the south end zone are typically more crowded than the visiting sideline and the north end zone.

Prospective students should not be on the sidelines during the game. Period.

Players? Yes. Coaching staff? Yes. Trainers? Yes. Legitimate, accredited media? Yes. Big donors? No. Prospective athletes? No.

Mark E. Johnson

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