Help a Photojournalism Student Out

Many of you know I run a couple of workshops for my kids every year. The fall one is usually a one-day affair, the spring one a three-day event. Funding for these events is always tricky, so we’re trying something new.

How would you like to give back a little to help a photojournalism student out? Next month I’m taking the Advanced Photojournalism class to the Georgia National Fair. I have a handful of professionals coming in to work with them throughout the day – we’re setting up a newsroom on-site (well, technically it’s across the street at the Perry Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau) and students will be able to shoot for a while, then come in and get feedback on their work, then head back out again to apply what they’ve learned.

How do you come in? We’re helping to test a new donation system here at the University of Georgia, a crowd funding site where you can kick in a couple of bucks to help us defray some of the costs.

Let’s see what we can do.

Mark E. Johnson

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