Disconnect From Time to Time … Please

I will admit I wrestle with this, too – my pocket computer/phone is a constant companion and leaving it alone is tough. But I want to get away from it, to connect with those around me not those connected to me.

This comment from a New York Times piece by Nick Bilton indicates how bad it has gotten:

For photographers, guests with cellphones cause even bigger problems. Jose Villa, a wedding photographer in Solvang, Calif., said frames that were once filled with smiling guests, are now a scene of people’s heads peering down at their phones.

“It’s no longer just take a picture and put your camera away, as it used to be when guests had film cameras,” he said. “Now it’s take a picture, crop it, pick a filter, share it on Instagram, then spend the rest of the night checking to see how many likes it has.”

So, here’s your challenge – go be with people without telling all the other people.

Mark E. Johnson

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