Saying No to Client Requests

Nice piece by Jeff Guyer at DIYPhotography about how to deal with client requests for all of your raw images.

Nice rational here:

I like pointing out to these clients that when their best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s uncle buys a novel, the price tag does not include all of the author’s rough drafts. Paintings and sculptures do not come with the artist’s initial sketches.

The cynical, bitter part of my brain got to working … maybe I would allow them to have all of the unedited images, though that would be a higher fee to mitigate the potential risk of the client choosing poorly and processing the images to a lower standard than I would. Also, require the deletion of the credit and a total transfer of all liability and copyright, the latter of which would involve an additional fee.

(Thanks to John Harrington for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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