Pioneer Press Going All iPhone, Big Nikon Sale Ahead

Ben Garvin sent along a link to a note this morning saying the Pioneer-Press is going all iPhone for photography. Hard to argue with their reasoning, really.

Also, all their Nikon gear will be going up for sale shortly on eBay.

Given the trends in the industry and the cost cutting at the university, I have been seriously rethinking the way we teach our photojournalism courses, as well. To ensure there is no financial barrier to a student succeeding, we supply everyone with cameras and lenses. Obviously, that isn’t cheap and we are constantly a little behind on technology.

I have a proposal to send to the dean recommending we shut down the Photo Cave, surplus all the gear and purchase 50 iPod Touches and gift cards for the App Store. As Garvin noted, there are lots of cheap apps, we can do this faster and it’ll save on chiropractic care.


As a reminder, turn your calendar page over this morning …

Mark E. Johnson

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