Nikon D600 Dust Advisory

I try not to get too geeky here, but I’ve heard just enough people comment that the Nikon D600 has some dust issues to warrant this … Nikon has posted a service advisory for the camera.

Nikon is making available to all owners of D600 cameras (even if Nikon’s product warranty has expired) this customer-service measure, which includes the inspection, cleaning and replacement of the shutter assembly and related parts of your camera, FREE OF CHARGE as well as the cost of shipping D600 cameras to Nikon and their return to customers.

Big kudos to Nikon – the reputation impact was probably greater than the problem impact, but it’s really nice to see a major company stand behind their gear.

So, hey, Ford – about the buzz in the dashboard of my 2012 Focus …

(Thanks to Michael Johnston at The Online Photographer for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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