Great two part interview with CNN’s Victor Hernandez over at by Michael Depp that looks at how the future is being seen. The second part is focused on what CNN is looking for in new hires:

We’re increasingly looking at things like an individual’s digital portfolio and what they’re doing with social media and how active they are on the big ones like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ve had resumes come to me that tout individuals’ Klout scores, how many Foursquare mayorships they have or how many Twitter followers they have, and these weren’t for social media positions, but standard editorial positions.

[We’re looking for] multimedia skills; understanding convergence journalism; understanding the opportunities as they evolve between the screens; people who can think about data visualizations, Web interactives and pop-up video maps for the Web while they’re producing video content for broadcast; also [people] thinking about mobile audiences and working with our mobile team so we can take advantage of opportunities there. These are all critical skills.

(Thanks to colleague Barry Hollander for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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