Speed vs. Speed

This is a mini-rant, I suppose … for almost two centuries, we have tried to increase both the quality of the photographic process as well as the speed at which it can be delivered. Sure, there have been times when increases in one decreased the other, but the end goal was always the same – high quality quickly.

With the advent of smartphones, we’ve seen the speed of delivery increase exponentially. You shoot a photo and before you even comprehend what it is you have just witnesses, you can post it. This is not a good thing, but is a topic for later.

It’s the quality side of things I don’t get. We complained about the images out of instant and disposable cameras for years. Now, with high quality optics and image processing power beyond the wildest imaginations of just a decade ago, we see a proliferation of apps to … make photos look bad.

Sharp is good. Color accuracy is good. Why do you want to make good photos bad?

I’ll stop ranting now …

– Your Beloved Curmudgeon