A Resurgence of Film?

Sometimes, Twitter leads me to strange places … take, for instance, this post by Neil Turner who may (or may not) be lamenting a return to film because it’s more valid. (I may not have this right, go read it for yourself.)

There was some head scratching here on the back hallway as I saw these words fall into place:

The place where this is most frightening is in our colleges and universities where the small resurgence of film is being leapt upon by lecturers who are miles out of their depth in the digital world supported by managers who are desperate to validate their investments in silver based facilities and avoid having to spend on up-to-date digital ones.

Then I checked the URL and saw he’s based in the United Kingdom and thought … that still can’t be right.

Now I’m going to think about something that matters a little more, like content.

(Thanks to Donald Winslow for sending me off my morning routine.)