All’s Quiet in the Courts

Had I been a little smarter when I was a shooter, I bet I could have convinced my bosses that they had to buy me Leica M rangefinders when they sent me to court. According to a Michael Zhang article at PetaPixel, several states use the Leicas as the standard for sound.

The video is kind of cool, but a little deceptive – the M7 sound is just the shutter tripping, while the digital Ms have the shutter firing and cocking, something that doesn’t happen on an analog M until you advance the film.

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. Very cool. Too bad the digital M’s are about 10 times louder than their film counterparts. I know this from experience – almost got myself in trouble while (i thought) surreptitiously taking a few shots of the burning ghats (not permitted without paying $$$). People heard the M9’s shutter and i literally had to run away…

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