A Dark Day in Boston

I covered eight or nine Boston Marathons, I know a lot of the photographers who were at the finish line when the bombs went off today. My thoughts are with them as well as all of the victims – the scars of what they felt and saw will take a long time to fade.

I pray that every single friend of mine reaches out to someone, to talk through what they are feeling. We journalists play this tough guy role, that we can handle it. But nothing will ever prepare you for a scene like today. Nothing.

C.J. Gunther, Charlie Krupa, Elise Amendola, John Mottern, Jim Rogash and all the others – reach out. You helped us understand, please make sure you help yourself understand, too.

Time’s Lightbox blog has an interview with the Boston Globe’s John Tlumacki, and it is well worth reading.

Mark E. Johnson

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