Saturday Morning Entertainment

Go ahead, read this piece by one Gary He about why he’s getting rid of his DSLRs and is only shooting on smartphones.

And now you don’t need to watch cartoon reruns this morning … because, really? A smartphone for shooting breaking news when you’re being held a block away? You think that Nokia is better in low light than any point and shoot? That expected second base shot, you gonna crop in on that?

There are some things a smartphone can do well. But they are not the panacea he seems to think they are.

Also, his “Infallible logic” graphic? I dare him to make an image with just the useful part. It’s missing, let’s see … a lens to focus the light, something to store the image on and, um … something else … oh, right – A BATTERY TO POWER IT.

I guess I’m just a little cranky today …

Mark E. Johnson

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