If the Gear Was Better, I’d Be Better …

… or, not, as it turns out in a piece on PetaPixel.

Every photojournalist I’ve ever met has, at some point, said they would have been a better shooter if they only had some other piece of kit. Now, someone has gone back and challenged that idea by buying all of the gear they used to have and testing it. The nut graf:

The problem with my old pictures was 99% me. They were failings of technique, not limitations of the equipment. For example, the stuff I just shot last year with the Nikon F doesn’t compare to my modern medium and large-format stuff — I wouldn’t expect it to given the format differences. BUT, it is better than 90% of the medium format stuff I shot 40 years ago. That, friends and neighbors, is a lack of technique.

So, quit looking at your neighbor’s lawn and work on your technique.

Mark E. Johnson

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