Pricing Multimedia

It’s one of the most persistent questions my students ask me – how much should I charge for this freelance gig? I have some answers, but the multimedia realm is a whole new world to me.

Over at Photo District News, Brad Horn answers some questions about how he prices this stuff and it’s a great read. This one graf alone is worth the time to get to it:

I think the less you talk, the more confident you come across. The more you try to explain something, the less well things go. So I say, “I’ve done this a number of times, this is how long it took me, this is what I charge. You invited me in here because you saw my piece. This is how I do them, and this is how long it takes. Let’s kick some butt.”

Spend some time on this.

(Thanks to Seth Gitner for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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