Was Life Simpler?

I hate stereotypes and curmudgeons (though many of my students will claim I am both), so it’s always entertaining when a colleague tells me how much easier it was when we didn’t have to worry about the web and digital imaging. And then says they love not having to truck portable darkrooms around …

At the Dallas Morning News, Chris Wilkins talks about the way it was – and in a lot of detail.

Having lived through the tail end of that era, I’ll attest to it all being true. I hauled a Leafax (all three versions – I, II with Compander and the oh-so-sweet IIId), a massive Cabbage “crash kit” loaded with tanks, reels, heaters and water bath and the massive hair dryer film blower. Along with all my cameras, lenses, strobes and film … and, yes, I did drive a Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor for a while – the ex-cop car was the only thing with a big enough trunk to get it all in.

Mark E. Johnson

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