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Andrew Beaujon has a short post up over at the Poynter Institute that links to a Wall Street Journal video on the Facebook IPO.

The video, which runs about 10 minutes long, was produced by an independent filmmaker and is, apparently, indicative of the expansion the Wall Street Journal is expecting in this area.

Go ahead and watch the video, titled, “Unfriended: The Facebook IPO Debacle.” What do you think?

I was … underwhelmed? Maybe this is good for someone who didn’t understand or know about the problems. But if you’re a regular WSJ reader, I think you’re going to find this fairly shallow. There’s a bunch of people talking about what happened – or what they think happened. No one from NASDAQ or Facebook is interviewed. No in-depth technical analysis.

I am not a financial expert in any way, but if I was, and the WSJ was my source of information, I think I’d want more out of them.

Mark E. Johnson

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