Does (Camera) Size Matter?

Over at The Online Photographer, Kirk Tuck has a short piece up about whether the physical size of your camera matters. As a guy who has shot with everything from a Canon F1-N with the 12 AA battery motor drive through Leica M series rangefinders down to my current obsession, an Olympus E-P2, I can give you a definitive answer.

It depends.

(Helpful, aren’t I? Don’t expect much the next few days as I am at the NPPA’s Northern Short Course. Where you should be, too. Biggest turnout in years.)

I depends on what you shoot, who you’re shooting for and how you shoot. I’d never try to do sports with my little Oly, just not designed for that. But its small size is unobtrusive and will let me work quietly, unobtrusively.

At the same time, some folks would look at it and not take me seriously. Which can be a plus at times as I’ve been chased out of places for having too “professional of a ca camera.”

The questions is really does the gear work for you and your client.


Mark E. Johnson

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