To D4 or Not to D4

Over at the Strobist, David Hobby has his take on the new Nikon D4 … and why he won’t be getting one.

As I am no longer a Nikon shooter, it’s a bit silly for me to weigh in on this. But why should I let this stop me?

It’s a great camera and, if you need a new camera of this class, go get it. But if you don’t need a new camera in this class, if you have a camera in this class already that is working just fine, think about what else you could do with $6,000. That could fund a really nice project for a good long time.

I am as much of a gear head as you could want, but I think I can still separate out the needs of my craft from the lustful wants. If I were to walk away from my current Canon system tomorrow, I’d be on the phone ordering one of these in a heartbeat. Maybe.

Or I might get on the phone to some other gear heads, encouraging them to get one … and to sell me their previous generation cameras at a good price.