UGA Alumn on The Image, Deconstructed

Kendrick Brinson is featured in a recent post on The Image, Deconstructed about her work in Sun City, Arizona. Love this quote:

My advice is to photograph what interests and pulls you, even if it isn’t necessarily the path you think you are supposed to take. If you’re just going through the motions doing what you think a photographer is supposed to do, your images will be soulless. Years ago, in 2004, when I was just starting to call myself a photographer, I thought I would be a photographer whose mission was to document tragic, gritty photojournalistic stories that would make people weep and want to change things immediately. That idea is drilled into your head when you look at the winning images of annual photo contests or walk into many photojournalism classes and while I think those stories are very important, they’re not the only stories that need to be told. Luckily, I spent my most formative years working on staff at newspapers and that time was spent documenting stories that were tiny in the grand scheme of things and I realized how important and valuable those stories are.

Mark E. Johnson

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