A Well Turned Phrase

Photography is full of jargon … f-stops, dragging the shutter, pop a strobe, blow out the background and (the one that first horrifies my students before they settle into a comfortable usage) kill your babies.*

Picked up a new on in this post from Gordon Lewis this morning for describing the noise in a digital image:

Because I braced myself on a nearby post I was able to shoot at 1/25 second and f/5.0 at ISO 200, which meant the shadows were clean enough that I could boost them in post without having to worry about them getting glittery on me.

Love that … getting glittery. Definitely going into my lexicon.

* Okay, stop freaking out. We don’t actually kill babies, we use the term to talk about our own images that we have fallen in love because we made them but, really, aren’t very good – you have to kill them in the edit.

Mark E. Johnson

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