More Signs You’re Really a Photographer

Peter Phun over at Black Star Rising has a fun post on 15 More Signs You’re a Real Photographer Now. I like number three quite a bit:

It’s no longer enough to make pilgrimages to all the natural wonders of the world; you now obsess over being there at sunrise, sunset, moon rise and eclipses.

And my wife is probably pretty happy we live out in the middle of nowhere so there’s no local camera shop to hang around in:

Your spouse insists that you either take her with you, or leave your credit card at home, when you go to the neighborhood camera store.

This reminds me of a story I was told many years ago. There was a shooter in Boston who worked for UPI. Tired of everyone asking him what TV station his stuff would be on he started responding, “I’m shooting for radio.”

Of course, now NPR has photojournalists on staff, so it’s not so funny anymore.

Mark E. Johnson

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