So Sorry, Didn’t Mean to Steal Your Image …

… though, we did.

The tale of Alice Taylor and the theft of her work by Britain’s Daily Mail is a classic example of the problems photographers around the world now face. She posted a photo to her site, it was picked up – with permission – from a few others. When contacted by the Daily Mail, she asked for a fee (actually, a donation to charity) which they decided not to pay.

Then used her image anyway.

It’s a mess, the publication is saying it was an error, but she seems to have a chain of evidence showing they asked, weren’t willing to license the image and went and grabbed it from, ahem, The Washington Post

Egads. All this over a too-skinny mannequin … that, um, she may not have been legally able to shoot, anyway …

(The Poynter Institute picked up the story, so thanks to them for the lede.)

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