Shooting Stills and Video

New York Times staff photographer Doug Mills built himself a rig that allows him to shoot stills and video at the same time. I do have to wonder how long the hot shoe will last on the bottom camera …

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. Here’s a method for shooting stills & video at the same time which saves the hot shoe!

    “he post below shows a simple way to capture video while taking still pictures. Sure, there is some added weight and yea, video will not get a dedicated person and will just “follow along”, yet, this is a neat way to achieve video with just one person shooting, This is also a great instructional tool for yourself to see how you interact with your model, what things work and what makes them shrink.

    There are two versions for this mod – a dueler which mounts a DSLR with a video camera and a 9Shooter that also has sound attached. “

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