Home and Vehicle of Olympian Photojournalist Vandalized

The home and truck of Olympian photojournalist Tony Overman along with the newspaper’s offices were vandalized. Anarchist symbols were spray painted onto Overman’s home, possible in retaliation for his published photos from protests being used by police during investigations.

“These are the anarchists, and they are targeting me to try and scare me,” (Overman) said.

He said he thinks a group of self-described anarchists wants to intimidate him so they can prevent him from taking their photos during their participation in public marches. He said that in the past, published photos he has taken of anarchists committing crimes, such as throwing rocks during marches and spray- painting property, have been used by police to try to identify the anarchists.

Overman emphasized that only his photos published in The Olympian and on its website have ever been made available to police.

Mark E. Johnson

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