Tips for Young Video Journalists

Paul Franz, a recent graduate of the University of Miami’s multimedia program offers up some advice on how to prepare yourself for a career in video journalism.

His tips are on target and mirror what (I hope) my students hear in the classroom – that because we teach you one way of doing something doesn’t mean it is the only way of doing it. Every client or employer is going to have a different set of standards and a different set of practices – you need to adapt. Flexibility is key.

Several of my students started summer internships this week at different newspapers, some small, some mid-sized and some huge. Each one of them is going to have a different workflow than what I taught them here – I trust they will adapt to that workflow and understand that neither the one we use here nor the one they are learning is better or worse, it just is.

(Thanks to Rob Curley on Twitter for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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