It’s Resume Time … Oh, Joy

We’re a few weeks out from shoving another few dozen journalism graduates off into the real world. Several of them have jobs lined up already, some are in progress and some are asking themselves, “Stationary … can I use the leftover stationary from my graduation announcements for my resume?”*

Doesn’t matter what group you’re in, you’ll be updating that document for the next few years – get used to it and get good at it. Brandi Larsen, from Tribune Interactive, pointed me to a piece by one of her early editors with great tips on crafting your resume.

* I learned about graduation announcements this week. Apparently, this is a big deal – my kids were comparing different places to get them printed and who had the best prices. I had a small gathering when I graduated 15 years after starting, but basically just called my friends and said, “BBQ on my porch next Saturday and you’ll never guess what just happened …”

Mark E. Johnson

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