Moving From Snapshots to Story Telling

First, a quick note … posting was light over the weekend as I was in lovely Habersham County for out UGA Photojournalism Weekend Workshop. Lots of information to share in the coming days from that event.

But back to the news … Stanley Leary has a post up about moving from snapshots to images that tell stories. He talks about how a snapshot is a memory jogger for those who were there, but a good image will inform those who were not.

In my classes, we talk about how the photographer had all of their senses in play when they made their image and that’s one of the reasons we are our own worst editor – we know what we shot, so we see what we want in our own work. Our readers come to news images cold, they don’t know what they are looking for or at, so we need to build images that will lead them to the story carefully.

Mark E. Johnson

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