Followed a tweet to this post by Nick Charney at the Government In The Lab site about The Workstation of a Modern Day Policy Wonk. (How could you not follow that sort of link?)

He talks about he organizes the tools he uses to get through his days. Not sure why, but I’m kind of fascinated by this sort of stuff. Maybe it’s because everyone is always so sure they have the best system and I’m constantly fiddling with my own.

So, below is a screen shot of my space as it’s set up right now. What I do like about my system is mine has depth to it – I don’t work with just two monitors, I sort of work with eight since I use the Spaces functionality built into the Mac OS. With a quick keystroke (Command-Arrow Right) I can move over to a second set of screens where I keep different applications running.

Generally, Space One keeps Mail, Safari, MarsEdit, iCal, iChat and Twitter open. Space Two keeps Photo Mechanic and Photoshop. If I’m doing video or web design work, that goes into Space Three. Space Four has Skype and I’ve been running Chrome for a while now, mostly just to stream Pandora … gotta have some tunes, right?

What’s your space look like?

110221 desktop

Mark E. Johnson

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