Mobile Apps for Journalists

These come across the wires from time to time, links to lists of needed apps for mobile journalists. The latest is from Mediactive and put together by Josh Sprague, comprehensive if not exhaustive.

No problems with most of these, though I’m not sure I’d include Instagram as it is more of an art filter program, but it has been building a community quickly.

(Thanks to my boss, Kent Middleton, for the link.)

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. The paper up here is outfitting those of us with iPhones with little attachments called ZoomIts, which read SD cards. Combine that with a SD-writing CF card, the free ZoomIt app to get the photo on your iPhone, and the ~$4 Filterstorm app (which can upload via FTP, as well as attach IPTC info and do fairly good editing), and you can run-n-gun pretty well.

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