WHOA! Massive Photo Mechanic Sale

The timing on this is unbelievable … today, in my Intro to Photojournalism course, I taught the kids how to use one of my two favorite pieces of software ever – Photo Mechanic. And now, this evening, I found out Camera Bits, the company that makes digital photography worth doing, has put it on sale for the ridiculously low price of $60.


They’re doing it to celebrate their 15th anniversary, but I told my kids they should suck it up and buy it at $150 if they really want to process photos in the proper way. And now it’s $60!

If I didn’t already have one license of my own and control over about 40 others, I’d buy it. Again.

Kids, get out your wallet – you will never find this great a piece of software for this price. Ever. Nothing comes close. It saves you time. It saves your sanity. It might even make you a sandwich – it’s just that good.

(Thanks to Stanley Leary for the tip off.)


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  1. wow, what does this normally cost?

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