Lifeboaters, One-Skill Wonders and Digital Natives

I wish I could take credit for all of those titles, but I cannot. Tom Davidson, a “strategic and tactical consulting on how digital technology changes the economics of media businesses,” came up with the phrases in a post he wrote about going through resumes and the types of applicants he saw.

Love this graf:

The kids in that third stack are solid reporters and great storytellers. When pressed, they talk about technologies as means to an end – tools they can use in service of the story, not as a flashy adornment to it. They also used overly long sentences to offer variations on a motto a longtime colleague used to have on his blog: Semper Gumby – always flexible.

Tools, it’s all about tools being USED to tell stories. It’s not about tools.

Oh, the graphic sitting there? That’s from one of the people who ended up being hired, Michelle Minkoff, who wrote about her experiences and hopes. Love that, too.

Mark E. Johnson

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