Warning Labels for Photojournalism

My colleague, Prof. Barry Hollander, was walking around with a sheet of these journalism warning labels from Tom Scott this week. Very entertaining stuff, but it got me thinking, do we need a set for photos?

Time to put your thinking caps on and create a few. My contributions:

  • Warning: This brilliant photo is a total fluke. It’s the only sharp image I shot this week.
  • Warning: We found this image on the web, we have no way of knowing if it is real. Also, we don’t have permission to use it, so don’t tell anyone.
  • Warning: An editor with no knowledge of this story selected this photo. It may or may not make sense in the context used.
  • Warning: This image was provided to us by Aunt Sally’s cat, who fell off a bookshelf and landed, paws down, on her 1973 SX70 Polaroid. Had we not eliminated our photo staff, maybe we would have had a photo of the cat falling.

Mark E. Johnson

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