Ansel Adams Negatives Turn up at a Garage Sale

Rick Norsigian is a very fortunate man.

In 2000, he found a two boxes of glass negative plates at a garage sale, marked for $70. He talked the seller down to $45 and carted them off. Turns out, they were shot by, ahem, Ansel Adams and had been though destroyed in a fire 70 years earlier. Their estimated value now is $200 million.

I think I need to go to more garage sales … and I really hope they publish those images.

Mark E. Johnson

2 Responses

  1. I hope they aren’t TOO hasty with publishing those images. Can anyone PRINT those negatives like Adams? Someone should do a tonal analysis of Adams existing prints and corresponding negatives to create a plug-in for Photoshop that will approximate what an Adams print may have actually looked like.

    I hope they don’t end up in the hands of some dolt who just scans them and prints them as is.

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