Learning, with a Side of Self-promotion

A week from now, I’ll be over in lovely Charleston, South Carolina, at the National Press Photographers Associations’ Convergence 2010 conference. It’s not too late to get yourself there, you know – a good friend told me yesterday he’s booking his tickets, has to be there.

The line-up is pretty eclectic, if I do say so myself. And I get to say so myself because, well, I put together the lineup. (There’s the self-promotion part.) A few months ago the president of the NPPA, Bob Carey, left me a message saying the organization needed a favor … next thing I knew, I was in charge.

I thought long and hard about who attendees would want to hear speak. Then I thought some more about who they should hear speak. There’s a difference – I didn’t go for big names, I went for the smartest people I could find, some hidden gems from the industry and academia. Because my basic theory to life is hang around with people way smarter than me. So, now you can, too.

Come join us, won’t you?


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  1. JD,

    Man, I wish I could come …

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