Hope is So … Rich

For instance, Anssi Vanjoki, head of sales for Nokia, said at a recent news conference the the cameras in, ahem, cell phones will make other “system cameras” obsolete. By which he means digital single lens reflex cameras.

Yes, I believe that small-sensor, small-lens cameras using the processing power available in a handheld cellular telephone will be able to render the shallow depth of field, high resolution and dynamic range of modern full frame cameras in … ha. Haha. Hahahahahaha … I can’t even finish typing this sentence …

Now, can they make a 10, 15 or 20 megapixel chip that’s the size of the sesame seed on the bun of a Big Mac from McDonalds? Yes. Can they make it with low noise, high sensitivity and attach a lens that allows for a high degree of separation between foreground and background? No – that would violate several laws of physics.

But it is nice to dream, eh?

Mark E. Johnson

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