The “Tra-digital” Journalist

I didn’t coin the phrase (and not sure I’d admit to it if I did), but it’s being bantered about in a couple of places. Columbia University Prof. Sree Sreenivasan uses it in a post about a New York City gathering to talk about “The Future Journalist” – and there are some good tips in there.

Particularly, I like this list of what a future journalist will need to be:

  • a multimedia storyteller: using the right digital skills and tools for the right story at the right time.
  • a community builder: facilitating conversation among various audiences, being a community manager.
  • a trusted pointer: finding and sharing great content, within a beat(s) or topic area(s); being trusted by others to filter out the noise.
  • a blogger and curator: has a personal voice, is curator of quality web content and participant in the link economy.
  • able to work collaboratively: knowing how to harness the work of a range of people around him/her — colleagues in the newsroom; experts in the field; trusted citizen journalists; segments of the audience, and more.

Go spend some time on the post, think about it and let me know what you can use from it – or what’s missing.

Mark E. Johnson

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