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I’m writing to pass along some good news and to ask for your assistance. LUCEO is happy to announce our first Student Project Award, a cash prize of $1,000 to be given annually to a student photographer in support of a significant body of work. The award will be judged in June, during the second part of our bi-annual meeting and we are hoping to announce the winner each year at LOOK3, The Festival of the Photograph. We will be unveiling the award and all the details on our website soon but beforehand we need to gather as many contacts as possible as we prepare to launch.

If you would be willing to send contact information for any other photography professors (both journalism and fine art – US and abroad) to us we are assembling a mailing list in order to send a press package to a large network of university professors so they can begin promoting the award to their students. Below is an expanded statement about the evolution of LUCEO and our new Project Support Fund which
was created to financially support the work of our member photographers.

Mission Statement:

Luceo Images is a photographer owned and operated cooperative established with the goal of supporting the significant work of its members.  Luceo endeavors to produce the highest quality commercial and editorial photography and works to provide creative nourishment to our members.

Who We Are:

Luceo’s six founding members came together during a time of industry transition that has impacted the way that imagery is created, distributed and consumed.  Luceo is united in a common belief that, through these times of change, the still image continues to be relevant.  We believe that history extends beyond the news-cycle, and
that ordinary people and personal struggle are avenues through which we can explore the bigger issues facing our world.

Luceo believes that photography is as much an argument to the heart as it is to the mind.  The process of creating images is to have one foot on each side of that gap.  Because Luceo recognizes that significant work requires financial support, we established the Luceo Images Project Fund as a central feature of our business model.

Every Commission Allows Our Clients to Support Significant Photographic Work:

Luceo believes in actively encouraging the completion of significant personal bodies of work which lack funding through mainstream outlets. In pursuit of this goal, Luceo contributes a percentage of all editorial and commercial commissions toward the Luceo Images Project Fund.  This fund exists solely to support the long-term projects of
Luceo’s member photographers.

Luceo Student Project Award:

Luceo also believes that developing photographers need support.  To advance this cause, Luceo pledges a portion of this fund towards the Luceo Student Project Award.  This award is disbursed annually to a talented student photographer in support of a significant and developing body of work.

Mark E. Johnson

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