Well, This Was Unexpected …

The National Press Photographers Association reworked the board structure last year to allow outsiders to have some input and share ideas on how to strengthen the organization. Today, the NPPA announced one of these outsiders – it’s Drew Carey.

Honest, that’s not a joke. And, honest, THAT Drew Carey.

(I’ll pause as you pause.)

He apparently has a strong interest in photojournalism, who knew? I don’t think this bothers me, but it was one heck of a surprise.

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. I actually saw a TV feature a couple of years ago with Carey shooting on the sidelines of an NFL football game. He got a great shot of a TD catch in the back of the end zone.

    The guy is totally geared out, too. Can’t remember if it was Canon or Nikon gear, but it looked like he was shooting with a 600mm/4 or 400mm/2.8 lens.

    It might be interesting to see what the results are from this kind of interaction, especially someone who’s in the entertainment industry who has to deal with paparazzi all the time. (Although I doubt Drew Carey has hoards of paparazzi following him like some other celebs).

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