Failing Faster (and Multimedia!)

I spent the last few days at the University of Tennessee participating in the Intercollegiate Online News Network’s second conference. ICONN looks to bring journalism educators and students together to work out what’s next in journalism. (Everyone kept saying “online journalism,” but I think our problems run deeper than that.)

There are a lot of ideas still rumbling around in my head, but I’ve gotten a few requests for the presentations I did. Now I know it’s a traditional thing to ask for a printout of presentations, usually because they’re text heavy and everyone’s afraid they’ve missed point nine on slide 17 … but I’m not sure my slides will make any sense unless you happened to be there. To be honest, my slides are more of a GIANT CUE CARD for me than they are for the folks suffering through one of my talks.

Regardless, I’ve been asked, so here they are …

And I guess I should mention that … well … both talks were live-streamed and available … there’s a problem with the Fail Faster talk – it’s now Playing Faster, honestly I don’t talk that fast. And the Multimedia piece starts a little late but it’s there.

Mark E. Johnson

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  1. Thanks for coming to Knoxville. I’m a local high school publications adviser lucky enough to have attended your session on multimedia projects. Your powerpoint slides are exactly what they should be- reminders to speaker. Visually, the slides were bold and beautiful and captured audiences attention. I’m glad to have them as a resource to study.

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