Shhhh – Don’t tell the Wall Street Journal They’re Wrong!

This is one of those things that pops up from time to time that some folks will erringly fixate on and drive themselves insane – it’s a listing of 200 jobs, ranked from best to worst, according to a study released by to the Wall Street Journal. Why will it drive you insane? Because the best career in America is being an actuary.

Yes, they predict when people will die.

Really? That’s the best job in America?

The worst, according to this, is “roustabout,” which I had to look up …

Why am I posting this? Because photojournalist is on the list … at number 189. Eleventh from the bottom. Hopefully if enough people read that list, they’ll all decide not to do what we love, leaving more work for us.

So, shhhhhhh ….

Mark E. Johnson

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